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Welcome to gardening with ease, joy, and contentment. Drop the worry, and allow your plants to thrive.

Open Pollinated Land-race Peas

I grow my own variety of genetically diverse open pollinated land-race shelling peas on my farm.
Commercial varieties of garden peas are bred to mature on the same day so that they can be harvested by machine. My peas are hand picked and mature over a few weeks so I don't get a huge overabundance on one day and nothing the next.

My peas are a genetically diverse population which increases the chances that during adverse growing conditions or unexpected pest attacks that at least some of the crop will thrive.

Pea Breeding
I am currently doing cross pollination experiments by hand in order to add yellow, purple, and red podded peas to my landrace.
Progress Report 2011
During the 2011 growing season I identified and separated out a sub-landrace that matures about 10 days earlier than the first of the main season peas.
Obtaining seed
Due to the currently strange economic conditions, I am not selling seeds. Some varieties of my seeds can be obtained from:

Experimental Farm Network

Giving Ground Seeds

Snake River Seed Cooperative

Wild Mountain Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange

High Ground Gardens

The Buffalo Seed Company

Resilient Seeds

Baker Creek Seeds

Miss Penn's Mountain Seeds

Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds

If I missed anyone please let me know, and I'll add you to this list.

After my book came out, requests poured in for varieties mentioned in the book. It takes me at least an hour per request to handle the correspondence, find the seed, package it, and get it to the post office. If you ask me directly for seed, or information about varieties, please consider making a donation large enough to cover an hour or two of a celebrity's time.

My Other Landraces

Landrace garden crops

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