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Astronomy Domine Sweet Corn


Astronomy Domine sweet corn was developed by Alan Bishop of Hip-Gnosis Seed Development and Bishop's Homegrown. It has become a collaborative effort involving many breeders and growers. Astronomy Domine may be the most important corn breeding project of this century because of it's * intent to develope the most nutritious and diverse open pollinated sweet corn ever.

My 2010 seed contains the most colorful cobs grown on my farm from the 2008 Ozark Strain of Astronomy Domine. Red, white, gray, lavender, yellow, purple, orange, etc. Old fashioned (not extra sugary) sweet corn. Chewy. Flavorful. This was my most reliable and productive sweet corn in 2010. Good tolerance for cold soil. (I plant 4 weeks before average last frost date.)

During the 2011 growing season I am adding Alan's current version containing over 170 varieties into my version of Astronomy Domine. I will also be growing small patches based on kernel color. My long term intent is to grow Astronomy Domine seed as both a blend of colors, and as individual colors.

"Astronomy Domine" contributed genes to "Paradise Sweet Corn" which is a multi-colored homozygous sugary enhanced corn. It also contributed genes to "Lofthouse Sweet Corn" a su/se hybrid, named in honor of my father, which is expected to produce offspring with 1/4 of kernels being very tender and sweet, thus combining the reliability and good taste of old fashioned heirloom sweet corn with the added sweetness of modern hybrids.

astronomy domine sweet corn
multi-colored sweet corn
sweet corn
multi-colored sweet corn

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