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Adaptation Agriculture: How to grow abundant food without buying seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides.
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Articles Written by Joseph Lofthouse

Adaptivar Landraces
This was the first article that I wrote about landraces. It was included in my original seed catalog. A decade later, it became the outline for the Landrace Gardening book. I'm pleased with how well it has stood the test of time. One significant difference, is that when the book was published, I chose to focus only on what I love, and to not quarrel with the old ways.

Cytoplasmic Male Sterility
An article that describes sterility in commercial hybrids, and how to avoid it when creating landrace varieties.

How To Identify Squash
A visual guide showing the key characteristics of common squash species.

Isolation Distances
A discussion about why I believe the recommendations regarding isolation distances are inappropriate for backyard gardeners, and especially for farmers who are growing landraces.

Hybrid Swarms
Hybrid swarms are a beautiful way to quickly add diversity to a garden, or landrace development project.

Astronomy Domine Sweet Corn
I am still in love with the first landrace variety that I grew. It is super-reliable, and has the old-fashioned sweet corn flavor that I adore.

True Potato Seed
This has consistently been the most popular article on my web site.



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