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The video course about landrace gardening went live on January 10th. Find it at

Join Joseph, and the producer Julia Dankin at the Utah Farm and Food Conference on January 13th to 15th.

The trailer for the video course is available on Vimeo.

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Growing Modern Landraces: Video Course and Community

The art and science of growing resilient gardens

Online courses and mentorship: Learn to grow plants that can stand up to pests, diseases, and a changing climate, naturally.


Plant Cunning Podcast | 2021-12-01
"This is such a great chat with a grower, seed saver, author, and generally great person, Joseph Lofhouse. If you are interested in gardening, homesteading, farming and seed saving at all you're absolutely going to love this episode. We talk about biodiversity, promiscuous planting, food security, plant varieties he loves, and how he works with the weeds, insects, and animals in harmonious ways in his gardens."

Propaganda by the Seed | 2021-03-05
"In today’s episode of Propaganda By The Seed we chat with Joseph Lofthouse about the Cooperative Gardens Commission (formerly Coronavirus Victory Gardens Commission). We talk about how to get involved with the Cooperative Gardens Commission and what they’re doing to link experienced farmers, up with new growers and people with access to land to build up local food production. Joseph is also a plant breeder who creates one-of-a-kind seeds he sells through the Experimental Farming Network. We talk about his approach to creating landrace crops and the importance of saving seeds."

My Most Popular Video | 2020-07-17
"Buzz pollination of tomatoes on Facebook"

The Cultivariable Podcast | 2018-07-05
"In this episode of the Cultivariable podcast, I talk with farmer and freelance plant breeder Joseph Lofthouse. Joseph is well known for his landrace plant breeding, a method that he has popularized and applies to an astounding 100 species of food plants. We talk about his breeding philosophy and how he has used it to improve crops such as squash, cantaloupe, potatoes, and tomatoes for his short season climate. "

Paul Wheaton's permaculture podcast, Part I | Part II | 2018-03-05
"In this podcast Paul and Jocelyn sit down with Joseph Lofthouse and talk about seeds, plants, breeding plants, and foraging. Joseph is known and admired for the specific way that he breeds plants to achieve results that few other plant breeders have been able to duplicate."

Free The Seed! Podcast | 20XX-02-14
"In this episode, host Rachel Hultengren spoke with Joseph Lofthouse about his process of landrace breeding to develop varieties locally-adapted to the harsh conditions of his farm in northern Utah, and about the ‘Lofthouse-Oliverson Landrace Muskmelon’, a variety that came out of that breeding work."


Resilient Living Podcast | 2021-11-27
"Joseph gives us insight on how he has been able to grow vegetables in a way that is resistant to diseases, animals, and insects, to name a few. Breeding plants for ultimate flavor and production. All this without the use of any inputs such as pesticides, herbicides, or soil amendments. The information that you will hear is astonishing. It changes everything we have ever been taught to think about food production. A very powerful packed informational episode for you today."

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance | $3.95 | 2021
"Joseph Lofthouse, author of 'Landrace Gardening: Food Security through Biodiversity and Promiscuous Pollination', is interviewed by Bill McDorman and shares his gardening philosophy. Joseph shares how we can use Landrace Gardening to support genetic diversity of our seed systems, establish regionally adapted seed varieties, and increase food security. Joseph gardens at 5,000 ft. elevation in Paradise, UT, and has adapted seeds to his short growing season, hands-off gardening style, and his culinary wants. Learn how Landrace Gardening will allow you to spend less time weeding, trellising, and fussing in the garden and more time dancing and playing!"

Backyard Green Films | 2021-08-23
"We met up with Joseph Lofthouse at the 2019 Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa, CA. Joseph was there to speak about Landrace Gardening and we got a chance to get a quick interview with him."

eOrganic | 2021-08-23
"This session was recorded at the Organic Seed Growers Conference on February 14, 2020 as part of the session on Utilizing Agrobiodiversity: Breeding for Diversity, Resilience, and In Situ Conservation."

Art and Homesteading | 2020-02-26
"Let's see how Everett and Alex did at the Market selling their drawings!...also, we introduce Joseph Lofthouse, a very influential gardener who happens to live locally."


Mother Earth News Articles | 2013-2016
"Landrace gardening is a path towards food security through common sense and traditional methods. "

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